The Whitby Gazette should lead by example

No DSS - no housing benefit.

Here is a phrase that appears with regularity in this newspaper, although it must be said that ‘estate agents’ appear to be the biggest culprits for the term.

If a similar advertisement appeared in print stating ‘no blacks’ or ‘no disabled, or ‘no single parents’ or even ‘no gays’ then the publisher would most certainly be faced with prosecution for permitting the publication of discriminatory advertisements.

If you pass the relevant credit checks and have the correct funds in place to rent a house or flat, then how is it correct in this day and age for you to be discriminated against because of some help you may receive with your personal income - and whose business is it but your own!

It’s high time that this disgusting practise was stopped and the ‘Whitby Gazette’ should lead by example in my book.

I totally understand that landlords have every right to scrutinise any prospective tenants they might let their property to. however the ‘no housing benefit’ disclaimer is absolutely no fair way to determine anyone’s status.

It’s a complete disgrace and should be illegal.

Mark Bradley, Church Street, Whitby by email