The Sirius Project

Having had experience of large scale projects both in the UK and overseas I would like to thank Mrs D Simms for her letter to the Gazette on Friday 16 November.

I agree the main objective of Sirius will be first to get the best return on investments and profit to the company with the very minimum expenditure on the community.

It must also be remembered that by EU law all member states have the right to bid for this project.

How can we trust Sirius when they say that a road being constructed from the B1416 to Dove’s Nest farm is for a drilling rig when the equipment being used, the quantity of earth being removed and the foundations being laid are sufficient for a major road. Let’s have the truth.

However unless there is a major objection, which is very unlikely, it will go ahead as it has the backing of this government and it’s short sighed schemes and the National Park Authority.

As a damage limitation exercise we can push the company for more technical information instead of platitudes.

For instance I hope that they have carried out a meaningful operability and hazard analysis or similar constructed study which would also draw out possible effects on the environment and the local population.

Having had experience of pumping slurries and all its difficulties it would be interesting to see their study on the pipeline to Teesside.

We should ask for assurance that the National Parks Authority will have a suitably experienced and qualified person to see that the above has been carried and that potential faults found have been addressed.

Incidentally the National Parks Authority have authorised the use of land in the park at Eskdaleside for the use of so called affordable housing.

The definition of affordable housing is very vague. Could this be more park land going to provide houses for imported labour?

Have the authorities ensured that Sirius will have enough funds to clean up the site if the project goes pear shaped or will the public have to pay?

I remember being told that the Boulby plant would be hidden from view!

Mr F Payne, Hermitage Way, Sleights