The potash mine

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The people of Whitby are being subjected to a great confidence trick orchestrated by the Government and Scarborough Council.

Planning permission for this outrage is being granted in dribs and drabs.

So-called test drilling sites are being used to psychologically condition the locals to accept the inevitable industrialisation.

There beacon like lights shine out 24/7 from hilltops without any consideration for locals or wildlife.

Your Government has already given a grant to this company to destroy the environs of a vast area of Whitby and your MP has been ordered to talk it up.

Big landowners are going to make lots of money prostituting themselves. Small property owners are going to have their property values blighted for many years to come. Areas most at risk are Hawsker, Littlebeck, Sleights.

Write to whomsoever represents your interest and get a 10-mile exclusion zone for Whitby. It may not be too late to get Whitby listed as a world heritage site.

Any property under mined will be at risk from subsidence and can expect increased insurance premiums. The new mine will consume about 1,000 acres and will need a transport infrastructure to handle in excess of 20,000 tons of material per day. Do you fancy it trundling past your home?

Who gave this company with little or no experience in this activity the right to your mineral resources? Where will it be going and how much will be diverted to local chemical plants and industry in this country. Once established how soon will Boulby Mine be closed and the ownership transferred, the net gain could be zero or even negative. How many people holiday and wish to live in and around Boulby Mine. You could be living near all too soon.

Peter Franks, Bank Close, Sleights by email