The Moorlands will be a sad loss to Whitby

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We are surprised and horrified at the article in the Gazette dated 28 October regarding the Christian Guild Hotel “Moorlands” in Whitby.

We have been several years for the craft breaks, family holidays, weekends with the Baptist Church in Sheffield, and know it is not a hostel.

The facilities were excellent, staff very caring and helpful. There were many en-suite rooms of excellent facilities.

Some people like to be on the West Cliff away from the shops etc and we always found the bus service excellent to help us back up the hill - or the steam driven bus.

I think the demolishing of “The Moorlands“ will be a sad loss to Whitby even though there are several more than three hotels and guest house on the promenade you mention in the article.

What business will 12 houses make?

Doreen and John Anderson, Rupert Road, Sheffield