The magic is disappearing

We have holidayed in Whitby every year with our children, and now grandchildren for the last 30 years, we are like thousands of others who consider the place magical.

However over the last few years two pieces of magic have disappeared.

One was the Saltergate Inn with its legendary Revenue Man buried under the fire grate alas no more, what vandal (for want of a better word) has left this historic building like this?

Of course anyone with half a brain can see that the next thing to happen to the place will be it “accidently” catches fire, then the rest can be knocked down as unsafe, it for us was always the gateway to Whitby coming through Pickering on our way to Whitby.

Next question is why oh why did Whitby let the Grand Turk Ship be sold never to be seen again? We watched her leave and to say it was very emotional is a understatement.

To us she was part of Whitby, but the Council involved did not appear to be interested in collecting the funds to save her, no doubt there are other reasons for lack of interest.

Lastly may I say that we would not consider holidaying anywhere else, and watch the months slip by to holiday time, when once again we can live for 14 days in your enchanting place,

Jim Higgs, Spa Croft, Tibshelf, Derbyshire by email