Thanks to the Whitby Co-op manager

Please could you pass on my heartfelt thanks to the Whitby Co-op Manager?

I recently wrote expressing my disgust (along with many others) at being issued with a parking fine.

I mentioned that I am a regular visitor to the Whitby area and that a month after my last visit (June 2013), I had received an intimidating letter from Civil Enforcement Limited.

To cut a long story short, it was demanded that I pay £45 -£90 or face legal action. I had paid £2 for two hours parking and been ‘caught’ on camera exceeding my stay by 18 minutes.

Luckily, I still had the parking ticket, so I paid the £45 fine not wanting any further stress or trouble from the incident.

However, I remembered the Co-op car park signage states 45 minutes free parking for using the bank, post office or similar. I decided to copy the letter, my cheque, bank statement and parking ticket and express my frustration at losing almost a full day’s earnings (£50) as a registered veterinary nurse) to the Langbourne Road manager.

It was an unexpected bonus to return home from work on Friday evening and find a letter from Civil Enforcement with a £45 refund cheque attached for their mismanagement of the car park charges fiasco.

Had I not had the conviction to write, I would still be £45 worse off. I hope others subjected to such threatening behaviour will follow suit.

I look forward to visiting Whitby again early September.

Sonya Harris

Alexandra Road, Grantham