Thanks from Izzy and Norma

May I take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in finding my little dog, Izzy, after she was frightened by fireworks on Sunday evening and slipped her collar.

She finally made it home after being stuck in mud 24 hours later.

In no order, all my facebook friends and people I didn’t even know for posting for England in an attempt to find her, all the pubs and shops of Whitby that very kindly displayed my posters, Carol and her staff of Costcutter who didn’t let anyone at the till out until they had told them about her, the kind lady visiting from Sheffield who spotted her stuck in the mud half way up the ravine, the Coastguards for going down the cliff on ropes to try to rescue her, the young lady who finally caught her and probably ruined very good leather belt and lastly (but not least) your intrepid reporter who was walking her own dog at the time and must have run a sub four minute mile in order to keep up with Izzy in order to help.

I am sorry I don’t have any of these very kind people’s names but please to all involved accept mine and Izzy’s heartfelt thanks.

Norma Hutchings, The Parade, Whitby by email