Thank you for the kindness of a gentleman

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We would like to say a very big thank you to the gentleman who was travelling between Ruswarp and Sleights on Saturday 8 October at approximately 7.30pm and who very kindly offered us a lift in his car back to Ruswarp.

We were walking from Sleights Station to Ruswarp in the pouring rain because on arrival at Ruswarp Station from Whitby. We could not get off the train because the door of the train would not open and hence we landed up at Sleights Station with the only option but to walk back to Ruswarp.

As we are both in our 70s and on such a bad night and being strangers to the area (this was the first day of our holiday) we really did appreciate this gentleman’s kindness and his genuine concern for our safety.

There are still a few ”real” gentlemen around and we do hope he sees this letter.

Geoff and Alma Smith by email