Thank you for support

My husband and I came across lots of books, including university books that belonged to our sons, in our loft.

We came up with the idea of setting up a table outside our front door and displaying the books with a notice saying ‘Feel free to browse and if you see a book you like it’s yours! If you wish to make a donation please put it through the letter box. All proceeds will go to Raw Animal Rescue’.

We were pleasantly surprised when we picked up pound coins from the back of our door.

We decided to take our books to the car boot and this spiralled into people kindly donating their unwanted items to sell on the stall.

At the end of the season for car boot sales we had raised the fantastic sum of £470, much to the delight of Norma and Dennis Carrick who run Raw Animal Rescue.

Norma place a ‘Thank you note’ in the Gazette but unfortunately gave the wrong amount.

Would it be possible for you to acknowledge all the people concerned who gave their support by purchasing or donating items through your column and also publish the correct amount raised.

Anne Byrnes, Lowdale Lane, Sleights, by email