Tattoos are a ‘thing of beauty’

I think tattoos are a very personal thing and the majority of people who have them have considered the fact they will be on their body forever.

Most people have put a lot of thought in to their design and to assume that everyone who gets a tattoo will live to regret in is my opinion very small minded.

There are people out there that have had tattoos for decades and although they may have faded with time they tell a story and most people are proud to have these pictures on their bodies, and personally I think they are still a thing of beauty.

We have the right to express ourselves however we see fit.

Everyone is an individual and tattoos are simply not for some, in that case don’t get one, but don’t judge people who do have them or assume you know how they will think in the future.

If you think you will get bored of a tattoo or live to regret it, again don’t get one, and of course if you decide to get a tattoo of something that is fashionable at that time, or a name of a short lived relationship or maybe a cartoon character then common sense would suggest you may live to regret it – but you only have yourself to blame.

Everyone is an individual and ‘each to their own’ – we have the right to do whatever we want to our body. I would sooner regret a tattoo I had, than regret something like not giving up smoking in years to come.

Donna Gaddass, Scarborough by email