Tapping into a collective anxiety

Concerning the mining proposals by York Potash, I am reminded of the fable, ‘The Emperor has no clothes’.

This company has tapped into a collective anxiety about economics, making extraordinary promises to the people of Whitby and District, by way of rhetoric and spin pumped out by experts. Yet already it appears there will be far less jobs than originally stated.

But what I find most disturbing is the extraordinary lengths they have gone to, to disguise the reality involved in placing a huge industrial plant inside the North Yorkshire Moors National Park which, by law, is supposed to be preserved for future generations. And that somehow, people have reached a place where they now value the pursuit of the material over the well being of the natural environment.

I work in education and there is a big movement now to try to reconnect children with nature, because there are such high levels of anxiety, obesity, attention and mood disorders which are believed to be directly related to an increase in consumption of electronic media, restricted access to natural areas and lack of respect for the environment. But here, we already have pure gold on our doorstep in the form of a protected natural area.

Right now the Earth is in crisis but everyone seems obsessed with economic, rather than environmental sustainability. We continue to rape it for resources, like children raiding the larder with no thought for tomorrow and have become collectively fixated on trying to maintain a material way of life which is no longer sustainable.

Even scientists are in agreement that we have gone beyond the tipping point. That we have destroyed and polluted so much of our planet, that we are now in uncharted territory and they just don’t know what’s going to happen.

And meantime people actually believe this mine won’t be an environmental crime in one of the last areas of great beauty in Britain and it’s better to have the money.

Rose Rylands, Grosmont by email