Take me to your leader?

lem to our elected leaders or councillors they would try their best to solve it.

Also, being in a position of authority they would, by the use of foresight, see any problems on the horizon and take measures to prevent them happening - prevention is better than cure.

So here we have the problem of car parking - or the lack of it - a problem that has been growing for many, many years.

A common phrase in Whitby has been ‘They’ll park anywhere’.

As the problem grew, what did our leaders do? They welcomed as many cars, mini-buses and coaches into town.

Whether the occupants had pink hare, a bone through their nose, it didn’t matter. You dressed as you liked, shout and bawled as you liked and conducted yourself as you liked in town - everybody’s welcome - but don’t forget your money and plenty of it. Now the problem of car parking has overcome them.

Our leaders, acting with foresight should have seen this coming. Park and rides should have been discussed years ago.

It might have been controversial and expensive - but not as controversial and expensive as now. The park and ride suggested of 450 cars is an absolute joke. It will make no difference to Whitby’s parking problems.

There should be room for at least 1,000 or even 2,000 cars to make an impact on the town’s parking problems - this way there will be no need for zones.

Where was the foresight? There wasn’t any. It reminds me of a man stuck in quicksand, the more he kicks his legs and waves his arms the more he sinks deeper and deeper in.

That’s our leaders for you.

Ben Kelly, Ruswarp