Sympathy of Herring Gull problem

A little comment on the Herring Gull problem in Whitby as reported in the online version of the Gazette.

I sympathise with Ms Paling and her burger encounter with the feathered flying rat that is the Herring Gull.

As a lad growing up in Whitby I had experiences similar to hers back in the early sixties so it’s not a new thing.

Whilst a cull may seem to be the obvious solution I wonder how this could possibly be conducted.

The gull is not just concentrated in town areas but ranges inland and loves nothing more than garbage tips to forage in.

Actual culling of the birds would be complicated by dangers to people, other birds and possibly the Animal Liberation nutters becoming involved.

I wish Whitby the best of luck in solving the problem but fear that whilst you are all suffering under the yoke of Scarborough Borough Council little, if anything will be done.

A grumpy old ex Whitby lad

Stephen N McCabe, Bundoora, Australia by email