Swing bridge work not well thought out

On the completion of the work on the swing bridge and having driven over the bridge twice on Sunday 20 March I realised that not a great deal of thought had gone into the work.

Now that the widening of the footpaths is complete to ease the flow of pedestrians, it became apparent that even though the paths are nice and wide, people are still walking on the edge of the road causing cars to brake or even stop as the road is now a lot narrower, therefore cars are not getting over the bridge fast enough and the cars waiting at the traffic lights on the other side start to move forward as they have a green light.

Bearing in mind it’s only March, what is this going to get like in the height of summer? I think some sort of railing should have been put up to keep the pedestrians on the footpaths and away from getting their feet run over or worse. Why not make the bridge pedestrians only between certain hours? Oh and lowering the weight restriction to then go and add a further 5-10 tonnes of extra concrete/tarmac well thought out!

R Dowson, St Mary’s Crescent, Whitby by email