Sweeping Negatives

Though the arguments for and against the Sirius Potash Project were mostly well put (Whitby Gazette, May 24), unfortunately in his concluding paragraph, Dalton Peake made some extraordinary unsubstantiated claims.

Above his piece was a graphic showing from above how the site would appear, and so showing clearly both how small it will be and how it will look like a farm.

Yet he ends his case by saying “that we could be left with a huge scar on the landscape.” There is no evidence to support the case for this “huge scar.” Have those who persist in making this claim looked properly at all the information provided by Sirius? And if they have evidence to support this “huge scar” claim why don’t they provide it?

The same goes for Dalton Peake’s conclusions.

Why, if the “project never properly gets off the ground” will it lead to “no new jobs and a permanently diminished tourist industry that can no longer provide the employment and prosperity it currently does.?” If he really thinks that then he should be in favour of the project not against it.

If the project doesn’t get off the ground then the tourist industry will operate as it does now. As it will surely if the mine is built and is a success.

This is a proposed mine in a tiny and relatively out of the way part of the North York Moors. It would have some effect on the tourist industry if built bang in the middle of a beautiful Moors village or very close to any tourist attractions. Even then though the negative effects would only be felt in the immediate area and not over the whole of the National Park. At Sneaton, what tourist attractions will be negatively affected by the mine and why?

And why should a new mining project mean that the “tourist industry can no longer provide the employment and prosperity it currently does?”

This is another wild claim not backed up by any evidence just like the one about the “huge scar.”

Where and why will these jobs be lost and the tourist industry “permanently diminished.?” In Whitby? if so where, why and how? In Pickering or Lealholm or Helmsley? A mine at Sneaton won’t make a scrap of difference to those places.

Those responsible for making the final planning decision need to be able to do so on the back of reliable and well researched information.

Even strong opponents of the Mine should concede that Sirius have provided that throughout. But those making the case against are too often coming up with sweeping negatives but then failing to back them up with any evidence.