Sustainable jobs for Whitby

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I was dismayed to see the opponents of the proposed potash development playing the racist card.

Your correspondent Anthony Baynes asks the question, how many of the proposed work force will be Eastern Europeans bused in on the cheap.

This is the sort of thinking inspired by the more right wing reactionary segments of our misguided society, and preys on the fears of the unemployed.

I had the pleasure of dining in a popular restaurant in Whitby last week, and found myself served by staff of non British descent, and served very well I may add.

I feel sure these people aren’t bused in to work, or is there a hidden community of immigrant workers somewhere just waiting to take our jobs?

Rather than fuel the fears of immigrant labour working in the proposed mine I would suggest Mr Baynes asks the question, why are local businesses in the tourist trade doing the very thing he feels afraid of.

Jobs in the mining industry require skilled people and ‘cheap labour’ from anywhere in the world will not provide this.

Regarding the proposed pipeline, I am sure he, and many others, are unaware that many pipelines already cross through some of the most picturesque land in the north, carrying far more volatile products than potash, with virtually no impact on the countryside.

The Whitby area needs sustainable jobs, not part time work at minimum wage levels.

The proposed mine can, and should be allowed to, provide that.

Paul Brown

South Loftus, Loftus