Suspicion over fracking

I am not cynical by nature but I have this suspicion that if the potash mine were given planning permission, the pipeline would suddenly beset with all sorts of problems and possibly not even built.

The outcome being that tons of material would be hauled by wagon up the A174 a busy dangerous little road as it is.

Whitby and surrounding tourist spots would probably have to say goodbye to our day-tripper friends from the North East.

I hope the planning authorities build in a no working pipeline no working mine clause.

The other great worry, should permission be granted, is we open up the national park and Whitby area to conglomerates, we know that the fracking industry are already casting their greedy eyes over our beautiful area.

The last point of worry is local employment. Has the company published figures on how many local people they would definitely employ, or are they going to bus loads of East European cheap labour in to work there?

Anthony Baynes

Beck Hole Road, Goathland