Surprised at surprise

I must say that I was surprised to find so many people surprised at Scarborough Council actions over the bridge extension.

After all they are simply continuing the policy of starving Whitby of funding, also surprised at the sheer hypocrisy of our elected representatives.

Perhaps their loyalty to the party outweighs that of Whitby, or are they simply ignored by their contemporaries.

The same as Whitby council’s view.

Let us be brutally honest. Whitby council is nothing more than a taking shop with no influence or powers, even building applications are overturned on appeal by a faceless bureaucrat.

The power lies with north riding county council and Scarborough.

When I read the response from a council spokesman on the west pier, I thought for one moment that I was reading the script from a Monty Python sketch. My chuckle turned to anger when it dawned on me that this person was serious and it frightened me to think that we are being dictated to by such out and out idiots, incompetents, and autocratic zombies.

Let us stand back and evaluate what Scarborough has done for Whitby.

We have just been reading about the grand reopening of Scarborough Pavilion at the cost of millions.

At the same time our own Spa pavilion is sadly in need of repair and refurbishment, the last I heard was that the council was putting the running of the pavilion to tender. The winners of the tender will have to foot the bill for the repairs at a cost to the users.

The long overdue repair to the east pier, they had to approach Defra for a grant in order to carry out the work.

If you have a look you will see that it is nothing more than a sticking plaster to cover the wounds, and will not last for long.

The replacement of the bridge on the east side, the real reason that they will not replace it is because it would mean that they would have to repair and maintain the wooden structure of the pier.

They have chosen instead to allow it to fall in to so bad a state that they can justify demolishing it. As a side note, when those people tragically lost their lives in their cabin cruiser, perhaps if there had been access to that part of the extension they could have been saved.

Pannett Park who paid for that, the lottery and who is maintaining it, a band of volunteers who really care for the park.

The Marina, money from Yorkshire First then all Scarborough Council had to do was charge the highest mooring fees on the north coast, higher I may add than Scarborough.

The swing bridge, another sticking plaster job, their idea of maintenance is a coat of paint every five years and fingers crossed, every time it opens. The last time it broke they had to send to Italy for the spare part, I wonder if they ordered two parts for when it happens again.

Toilets undoubtedly the most disgraceful in Britain apart from the luxury pay to go facilities. It is obvious that this is the preferred way forward, If it is there charge for it.

Which brings me to the park and ride and parking, while Scarborough is considering a second site, Whitby’s scheme seems to have died a death. The council must have heaved a huge sigh of relief when this latest financial crisis hit. Here was a god given excuse to save money, the problem with this is that even during the so called boom years they still professed to have no money. The latest proposals were ill conceived and insulting to the intelligence of the residents of Whitby, perhaps deliberately to ensure it failure.

Pity we couldn’t have access through the freedom of information act exactly how much has been invested in Whitby over the last say two years and compare it to Scarborough.

Residents of Whitby, don’t hold your breath , as I cannot foresee any change in their policy and let us not forget that our so called representatives are part of that policy making body, therefore part of the problem

John Kennedy, Lyndhurst Close, Whitby by email