Support your local council

There is many time that the town council has led projects, proposed schemes, found funding, given the lead in improving facilities for the people of the town.

Fought for the people of Whitby against proposals from SBC which were to the detriment of the town.

At the last full council meeting of the Whitby Town Council there was only one member of the public there.

Whitby should support its council and councillors, Whitby Town Council councillors receive no expenses but do a civic service to the town some times at their own expense, unlike borough councillors who receive expenses as soon as they take up their seat in the council chamber.

I know of occasions when town councillors have taken on projects, then when they come to fulfilment borough councillors and sometimes county councillors take the credit in the Whitby Gazette.

I ask that the Whitby Gazette inquire further into stories they publish, when borough and county councillors are interviewed first and take all the credit where others may have done all the foot work, all the letter writing to council officers, visiting County Hall, to check on the way forward or to put proposals to the right people.

J Dickinson, Church Street, Whitby by email