Support the new film experience at the Pavilion

I would like to urge film-lovers in the Whitby area to try the new digital film experience at the Spa Pavilion.

I went to see Made in Dagenham and came away feeling very uplifted. The theatre is warm, the seats are comfortable with plenty of leg room, there’s a bar if you’d like a drink. The screen is large and stretches right across the theatre stage; both picture and sound quality are excellent.

I was reminded nostalgically of going to the cinema in the 60s and 70s, but the films are new and up to date, with two or three choices available each week. The only down side was that there were only 15 people there – publicity seems to be lacking.

It’s great that the Whitby Gazette are printing articles supporting the venture, but I wonder if they could also publish the film programme regularly in the entertainment section? This would make it easy to find out what’s showing each week and would be yet another reason to buy the paper.

I very much look forward to wandering down to the Spa on a warm summer evening to see a film. It would be so very sad if this great facility slipped away from Whitby, through lack of support.

Theresa Tomlinson, Flowergate, Whitby by email