Support the council

After a request for information regarding the Piers, Scarborough Borough Council forwarded a huge amount, mostly survey reports.

After wading through them, I can say that a great deal of it went over our heads.

But, there was some pretty scary reading.

Not least, that there didn’t seem to be any proposals as to what happens next. Unless I’d gone snow blind by then and missed them.

At the next town council meeting, to be held in December, I will ask that very question, “What’s next?”.

I will also be asking them, “Whitby town’s population is 16,000ish. What can we do to get behind the council, and support you in giving SBC a nudge to get things started?”.

I have read many postings and comments on various sites, mostly saying Whitby belongs to us.

So prove it, all 16,000 of us can, in a diplomatic way, achieve more than other campaigns so far.

Free Whitby and Real-Whitby, have seemingly achieved nothing more than antagonise and disrupt both councils.

That is not the way to go about it at all, let’s show SBC that we are grown up enough to look after more of our interests.

Don’t forget, SBC only really physically deal with a dozen or so people on our council.

It’s human nature to forget who they represent. Having 16,000 people behind them will hopefully make SBC see things differently.

To borrow from one of the Kennedys, instead of asking what Whitby Town Council can do for us - what can we do for, and with Whitby Town Council, to get Whitby back?

It’s a two way street, we belong to Whitby, it’s up to us to look after her.

Colin Winspear Windsor Terrace, Whitby by email