Students should learn from bees

I hope Mr Jackson has informed bumble bees and wasps that they are not welcome in his garden.

If his three-year-old is eating an ice cream or anything sweet it is the wasps that will home in on the treat not bees, in fact if the college had not informed him of their intention of keeping bees and had just gone ahead and got them he would be none the wiser.

I have a bee hive 20 metres from my back door and never get bothered by them, bees are too intent on going about their own business to bother us unless we are annoying them.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch them collecting pollen and return to the hive with their goods, how many other people keep bees in the area that he doesn’t know about?

The students will learn such a lot from their experiences in looking after bees and if Mr Jackson took a little time to learn more about honey bees I’m sure his fears would diminish.

Bee keepers carry out swarm control measures to greatly reduce the chance of their bees swarming as we don’t want to loose bees that we’ve spent a lot of time and effort on.

Karen Parkin, Dunsley by email