Streetchoir success

Thank you for you coverage of Streetchoir Whitby 2011.

The festival was a massive success, despite the best efforts of the weather.

However even the rain could not dampen the spirits of the 700 plus singers from over 30 choirs who gathered together to sing songs of protest, freedom, and harmony, in fact it helped to make Streetchoir Whitby 2011 an event that will be truly unforgettable. I would like to thank all the choir members from all over the country for sharing this magical weekend with us.

I would also like to take this opportunity say a massive thank you to the team from Whitby Community Choir who dedicated their time and exceptional organisational skills to the Festival and deserve all the praise in the world.

The outstanding contributions made by Susie Walker as Artistic Director in designing and executing then whole theme of Streetchoir Whitby 2011, the tireless efforts of our Stewarding Coordinator Jo Bastow, Brian Butcher, and Lucy Kaya, who as Chair and Secretary of the Streetchoir Committee kept things on track, Becca Robinson who among other tasks coordinated all the various venues.

Not to mention our brilliant and talented Musical Director Rebecca Gross who contributed not only her musical expertise in writing and arranging several songs for the Mass Sing, and conducted over 700 voices in the pouring rain, but also played a major part in coordinating the whole festival.

Along with these, and the other members of the Streetchoir Committee, who contributed right through the project, all members of Whitby Community Choir who supported us throughout, and our team of dedicated (and somewhat rain sodden) stewards for their stalwart service I would like to say a massive thank you for a brilliant and unforgettable weekend.

Marc-Antony Gross, Chair, Whitby Community Choir, by email