Strange co-incidences of Silver Line

I HAVE just read your report in The Whitby Gazette of Friday 8 February ‘Tributes to fisherman and lifeboatman’ upon page 18.

By a rather strange set of co-incidences, I have spent the last few years researching an incident involving another Silver Line-but this was a drifter that was Scarborough-based.

By a strange co-incidence this Silver Line was involved in a war-time rescue of her own too.

The name Silver Line seems to be associated with heroic rescues, rather like the Whitby incident you refer to.

My story is now complete, so I am looking towards finding a publisher next.

I found your article intreging and would like to find out more about this Silver Line and the war-time rescue referred to (any information you have would be appreciated-possibly a more exact date of the incident if you are aware of when it occured).

Steve Midwood

Chestnut Garth



Anyone with information can contact Steve at