Stop cruelty in slaughterhouses

Animal Aid’s undercover filming in slaughterhouses in the UK is repeatedly finding evidence of gratuitous cruelty and law-breaking on a massive scale, including a sow screaming on the killing room floor, in agony from the electric shock that failed to stun her and sheep being decapitated whilst still alive.

I know that this is shocking in the 21st century, but this is the price animals pay for the meat on your plate.

And most will have spent their brief lives in overcrowded cages and sheds.

Animal Aid is campaigning to have all slaughterhouses fitted with CCTV that will be monitored independently and Marks & Spencer, Morrisons and the Co-op have all pledged their support.

It is vital that all the other supermarkets do likewise and you can help by contacting Animal Aid (01732) 364546 and ask them to send postcards addressed to the supermarket chains that have not yet agreed to insist on CCTV.

The website,uk has detailed information on this campaign and others and offers advice on life iwthout abuse to fellow animals.

Jim and Jo Reid, Littlebeck Lane, Sleights