Stoke fan letter

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I assume you only saw two minutes of highlights of the Liverpool v Stoke City match.

I was at the game and I don’t agree with your comments in Friday’s Gazette.

First of all Stoke didn’t need to park a bus in front of goal because Liverpool didn’t create hardly any chances in the 90 minutes.

Liverpool played with only one man up front and that was the very ineffective Dirk Kuyt who ran about like a headless chicken as usual.

The first half was fairly even and it was only in the last 15 minutes when Liverpool had a few corners when they came alive.

Stoke were very well organised throughout the game and if they had used the ball a little bit better in the last third of the pitch they could have easily won the game.

As for Stoke kicking lumps out of Liverpool, I don’t think so, there were only two bad tackles all game.

It was up to Liverpool to break Stoke down and they just didn’t have a clue how to do it.

So I think you should maybe just write about the Eskvale and Cleveland League in future, it’s about your limit.

Nigel Franks, Captain Cook Crescent, Whitby, a life-long Stoke fan who is not biased one bit.