Steam memories

Nice pictures of K4 ‘The Great Marquess’ steaming round Huntcliff to Boulby Mine (WG 26 October, P4), but not, I’m afraid, the first time since 1958.

Steam-hauled charters aren’t frequent on the potash line, but they do happen.

The first one was (I believe) 25 years ago for the Saltburn 125 Celebrations — I was on it — and there’s been others since.

One, earlier this year, must have been quite a disappointment for the passengers, who pay to enjoy the scenery on a dramatic line not usually accessible.

On this occasion the rain blew so fiercely that the view was almost totally obscured, and lineside photographers gave up in disgust.

But another trip, possibly in the summer of 2011, was the opposite.

All the carriages had their windows open for a cool breeze as they ate their lunches.

Then there was a signalling stop at Crag Hall Box, Carlin How... right alongside the pig farm. In the blazing sun, the windows were hastily shut again!

Graeme Aldous, Moorsholm by email