Statistics not accurate

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I read with interest that Sirius has finally submitted its plans for the proposed mine.

I should just like to make one or two observations.

Firstly, when the scheme was first mooted, there was to be a geoscience centre, which was intended to train local people.

Our own MP, Mr Goodwill, said himself in this publication, that he had been concerned that there would be few local jobs owing to the skills shortage, but as training would be provided, that would solve the problem.

I understand that this facility is no longer being considered.

Secondly, the much vaunted visitor centre, supported by Welcome to Yorkshire, seems to have disappeared off the radar too.

Thirdly, when this scheme was announced, we were informed that there would be as many as 5,000 jobs.

In a recent article Mr Fraser has quite considerably reduced that number.

Luckily, Sirius is still committed to providing jobs for local people, “wherever possible”.

Finally, I should like to take issue concerning Mr Fraser’s comments about the consultation programmes.

I attended one such meeting and I did not register my opinion of the project.

I can appreciate that Mr Fraser would wish us to believe that 91% of local people are in favour, but I think that the statistics may not be correct.

Even if they were, the respondents were a tiny minority of the entire local population and therefore not representative.

So what are we to make of this?

Should we really be entrusting the fate of our precious National Park to these people?

We can only trust that the park authorities will be permitted to judge this project without governmental pressure and for everyone’s sake refuse it.

Joan Martin, High Hawsker