Statistics are insulting

Although I and I’m sure other Sleights residents welcome extra signage and hope the accident assessment concludes what we all know - that The Carrs is dangerous and needs a path.

Recently two young Sleights women were hit by a car and spent six weeks plus in hospital, miraculously a child in a buggy was not seriously injured.

The road in the only thoroughfare connecting Sleights to Ruswarp, it is used daily by scores of cars, buses, joggers, pedestrians, cattle wagons, 4x4s, teenagers on bikes, horse boxes, double deckers, canoe trailers, families.

May I urge the council to:

* Slash the current 60mph speed limit.

* Authorise an alternative safe, legal path adjacent to the railway track between Sleights and Ruswarp.

* Continue pressure on Highways Dept for the absolute need for a path along The Carrs and funding.

Ruswarp has increasing family based attractions and yet Sleights families, although being only one mile away, cannot walk there safely.

To quote statistics is insulting and I hope the powers that be act quickly before, unfortunately as summer approaches, their statistics risk going up.

Mrs SJ Welford, Birch Terrace, Sleights