Stake this dreadful monster

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Every time I look at the on-line edition of the Whitby Gazette my heart sinks a little lower.

This week reading the letters from Jo Middleton and Jane Weatherill my respect for Scarborough Borough Council fell even lower than I ever thought it possible.

What is it with this council that is supposed to operate for the benefit of all areas under its control?

Why is the town of Scarborough the only place to reap the benefits of the payments of all residents.

As a lad from Whitby it breaks my heart to see my old home town falling apart.

Please residents of Whitby free yourselves from this vampire known as SBC.

It appears that only a Van Helsing can stake this dreadful monster.

Yours in Sorrow

Stephen N McCabe, OGOM (Order of Grumpy Old Men - Australian section), Bundoora, Victoria, Australia by email