Speculate to accumulate

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I am in full agreement with the person who pointed to the lack of advertising for the new cinema at the Spa theatre.

My husband and I went to see 127 Hours last week (his first film since the original Godfather!). When we pulled up outside the theatre there was nothing to suggest it was even a cinema, let alone about to show a film. In fact my husband thought it looked derelict. I know money is tight but even a sandwich board outside, and especially one at the top oppose the Royal Hotel, is better than nothing.

Compared to other cinemas the price charged at £5 a head is incredibly reasonable and we intend to be regulars and I’m sure visitors as well as locals would use it, especially on a wet, windy day. If only they know it exists.

So come on Scarborough Borough Council, if you speculate a bit you could accumulate a bit more.

When we go to see The King’s Speech it would be nice to see more than four other people in the theatre that joined us for 127 Hours.

Mary Lawford, Church Street, Whitby