Speaking of ignorance

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My opinion of the war memorial is that it is actually quite a beautiful thing, however, it isn’t immediately obvious that that is what it is unless you stop and read the information.

I admit that the wreaths were a give away to us but it seems not to all.

It could also be argued that it was asking for trouble having it put in that particular spot when it is such a busy eating/sitting area to begin with.

We’ve just returned from two weeks in Whitby. At the start we noticed that there was a sign asking for people to respect the memorial but it could only be seen as you approached it from the station side.

Then we saw that the wreaths had been strategically placed on all four sides and it appeared to remain clear for a while but then we witnessed a huge number of foreign tourists sitting all over it and by the end of our second week everyone was using the steps as a seating area when the surrounding benches were full, wreaths or not.

As with out local town war memorial I think that the only solution would be to rope it off in order to re-emphasise what it is actually there for, some people obviously need it spelling it out.

Speaking of ignorance - a huge irritation for us were the number of people who left litter behind, especially on the beach, just walking away from chip boxes, bottles, plastic bags, nappies etc.

I’ve read many letters in the Gazette with regard to rubbish on the streets of Whitby.

We were really impressed to see the litter collectors on the beach and at how often we saw the bins being emptied but ultimately they can only do so much when faced with this couldn’t care less attitude.

The absolute worst we saw was under the end of the pier where the fishermen go. Ridiculous amounts of rubbish which will no doubt, at some point, end up in the sea.

As a fellow tourist commentated - “how hard would it be for them to take it home?”

Aside from that, always good to spend time in Whitby although, now we’re back home, I can honestly say not missing the seagulls. If one more person expresses hilarity at me getting ‘seagulled’ and tells me that it’s good luck I can’t be responsible for my actions!

Julie Young

Avon Way, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs