Space for motorhomes

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I have read the to-ing and fro-ing on this subject over some weeks.

I would like to put a different point of view forward on a more practical point.

I think that Scarborough Borough Council are completely right for the following reasons.

My wife and myself have been guests of the town of Whitby for almost 30 years.

We tow a tourer caravan.

At first we purchased pitches at regular caravan sites for 2-4 then 6 weeks each year.

We now site our caravan a local touring and camping site for 8 months which costs us £1,600 each year.

This includes water, electricity, disposal of grey water and most importantly sewage waste.

We use most local shops (baker, butchers,grocer, cobbler) in the town.

We dine out, buy clothes, yes we have fish and chips, we have bought paintings, jet, and do some of our Christmas shopping in Whitby and use the NYMR.

Petrol is also a consideration.

We live in Staffordshire and care deeply about Whitby and its people.

We like to think we pay our way. Nothing is free to us. So why should it be free to motorhome owners?

The Scarborough Borough Council head of tourism Brian Bennett and the member for Whitby Town Council Joe Plant have missed some facts.

Finding a space for four wheels on a motorhome is the starting point.

But these vehicles have to dispose of rubbish, waste grey water, most importantly, sewage, and they have to refill water tanks - (just like my tourer).

Some motorhome vehicle owners will stop at a local camp site, book in for one night do all of the former and then spend the other nights parked on the moors car parking areas, lay-byes or free car park areas.

Some will not pay the £10-£15 for a site pitch.

They complain and drive off again. Where to I wonder?

The vehicles are all wider than the free parking bays on West Cliff (a parking infringement in itself) where they had the habit of parking in spaces all day taking up the spaces of two cars.

I firmly believe that these vehicles should be parked on regular touring sites at night.

This would help the local economy in pitch fees for the local site owners. It would ensure that waste products (sewage etc.) are disposed of in the correct manner (not in a ditch or convenient drain).

It would free up valuable parking spaces for local B&Bs, hotels and residents alike.

I read that some owners write that it is discriminatory.

I too would write that it is discriminatory against the owners of touring caravans who HAVE to go on to regular sites and pay their way with no allowances made by the local council.

George Evans, Durham Drive, Rugeley, Staffs by email