Skimpy in the extreme

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We picked up your Friday last edition hoping to see an interesting report on the event at the museum on 27 June.

It was skimpy in the extreme.

Your reporters were in the audience for the speeches but you make no reference to the remarks by Dr Forgan or of the greeting from the Trustees of the Bark Endeavour Foundation from Australia.

Your reporters seemed unaware of the significance of having the First Sea Lord in Whitby or of the reason he was here at all.

The presence of the High Sheriff and of the Town Mayor went unremarked.

The presence of many museum volunteers and of former Endeavour volunteers was ignored.

Perhaps your staff are all new and do not appreciate what Endeavour did for the town and the museum and of what the town did for Endeavour.

Perhaps you are planning a more informative piece sometime soon.

Ian Sutherland by email