Skelwith Group ‘arrogant’

Although the Skelwith Group must be commended for their charitable donation, it is not a little arrogant to assume either of their proposed options would be acceptable to the relevant planning authorities?

Is it cynical to think that by this gesture they get to skip normal planning rules that apply to the rest of us, and as there seems to be a lack of evidence of permission for the current ‘structures’ do we assume that large organisations such as this work to a different rule book to the rest of us.

To place such prominent structure as close to a main road, in an area which has been the site of numerous accidents, must create a traffic hazard, apart from spoiling the view of this beautiful (currently undeveloped) valley, which is only scarred by the heaps of spoil now deposited in the middle of it.

What connection there is between Raithwaite valley and the whalebones is difficult to see, and although the Headlam steamship company operated from there after its Whitby offices were bombed during the war, they never had any connection to the whaling industry.

Surely a better site for the whalebones would be in Whitby itself, maybe to replace the Scoresby monument blown over during the recent gales.

C Robson, Love Lane, Whitby