Signs are totally ineffective

The ‘Don’t feed the gulls’ notices that exist in Whitby are almost non-existent.

We searched the area to find out where they were and discovered only two. This is a joke.

They are absolutely minute and totally ineffective.

The one by the bandstand, which is probably the one pictured in your front page inset; is too small and so high up that many people will not be able to read the bottom few lines as indeed I could not.

The reason we need these notices is to stop tourists feeding them.

Whilst we have no notices they will continue to throw chips and I do not think it is wrong as there are no visible notices to discourage them.

We need large, easily readable signs, placed liberally around the problem areas and the situation needs to be policed, possibly by our support officers?

We need specially printed notices from the council to be placed in all food outlets. These need to outline the problems and dangers of feeding gulls and should be displayed where waiting customers queue to be served.

This is done in Cornwall.

The whole approach by our council is laughable. They have made no serious attempt to tackle the problem.

VM Smith, Church Street, Whitby