SBC should practice what they preach

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I visited the cemetery this week to put flowers on my brother’s grave, and whilst visiting the council workers were cutting the grass.

Unfortunately the machine they use cuts the grass but then leaves the grass strewn behind, due to the bad weather, the grass was very long, and the man doing this was having a very hard job,

I did speak to him, and he was most pleasant.

I did ask why did they not use more modern equipment that collects the grass as it was strewn all over, and looked terrible, he didn’t know why, he can only work with what Scarborough Borough Council gives him.

In this present climate, we recycle with our bins green and blue, and I buy the garden bags to put garden waste in for SBC to recycle.

My question is why is SBC not practising what they preach, and recycle all the garden waste from the cemetery, not only would it be better for the relatives, when they visit the cemetery as it did take me over 20 minutess to clear my brother’s grave from the grass left behind and then clean the headstone.

We have a lovely cemetery with many people going to visit each week, to spend time and tend to the graves, of their loved ones, we care, why cannot SBC show some dignity and care also, clean up the cemetery just give the workers more modern tools to work with and recycle at the same time.

Not a lot to ask, quite simply really let’s hope they listen to this.

Jeana Shippey, Crescent Avenue, Whitby by email