Saving money at the NHS

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In your issue of 30 November you ask “is closing A and E the best way to save money”.

I remember when the NHS was introduced, I was in York, where the manager of the city hospital was also manager of the mental hospital, the TB hospital and the fever hospital.

The NHS ‘administered’ the city hospital with administrators and they sold the mental hospital with its large grounds to builders and the TB hospital to a hotel and they obtained and demolished a large block of flats in Leeds and built there an enormous administration office building to accommodate a lot of administrators.

This of course illustrates how they see things. You can reduce medical facilities and provide more administration.

We do not have such admin systems for such things as education, libraries, roads, fire rescue etc.

I understand the NHS has 10 such regional administration like the thing we have at Leeds etc.

It is obvious that this particular system of ‘administration’ has the wrong outlook and should be done away with.

EB Oglesby, Upgang Lane, Whitby