Sad to see Whitby Wizard close

I enjoy reading the Whitby Gazette over here in Leeds every week, keeping us in touch with the life of the town, especially through the insightful camera lens of Ceri Oakes, but unless I’ve missed it, I’ve been waiting for a comment in your letters page on the passing of the Whitby Wizard.

We were all disappointed to read in the Gazette a few weeks back that the doors were to close on this unique attraction for the final time.

Our kids always loved visiting the Wizard on our trips to Whitby and the owner was always kind, funny and wise with them.

Whitby is lucky enough to be stacked with things to see and do that you won’t find anywhere else but has definitely lost something with the closure of the Whitby Wizard.

Good luck to Mr Hagenaes-Kjelldahl and thanks for the fun and learning over the past few years.

Peter Mills, Fitzroy Drive, Leeds by email