Sad to see RSPCA losing its way

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Yvonne Barber is not alone - ‘Champion pet breeder told she is unfit to re-home stray kittens’ page eight, Whitby Gazette, 31 May.

Some years ago we had a very similar experience with an RSPCA volunteer inspector when we wanted to take in one of their many unwanted cats.

On arriving at our smallholding, she made it very clear that she was annoyed with us for being so far from her home.

After that inauspicious start, things went downhill - in particular, the lack of high, secure fences between our garden and the farm buildings and surrounding fields was obviously a death trap for a cat, and no way was she going to recommend us as suitable owners.

The subsequent kitten we got from the Cats Protection League grew up to have a long and happy life, in a hunting cat’s natural environment.

I regret that the RSPCA is losing its way.

They do excellent work in rescuing and protecting animals in emergencies, but the recent spate of unfruitful court cases they’ve been bringing in politically-motivated anti-hunting actions have only diluted the funds available for their REAL work.

What they’ll get up to in the current badger cull, which is attempting to control the spread of TB in farm cattle, remains to be seen.

One wonders how much their real core supporters like seeing their contributions diluted in this way.