Road proposals will bring chaos

I am responding to the county council’s Mayfield Road junction proposals.

My first port of call was the NHCC website, where, despite loads of local authority guff about “community engagement”, there was no useful opportunity to express my views. So, over to you to pick up the cudgels.

As with last year’s proposed parking restrictions associated with Park&Ride, NYCC again fail to evaluate the needs of people who actually live here as opposed to visitors.

If locals can’t use Waterstead Lane as currently, they will add several minutes to each and every journey they make.

Traffic lights bring order.

White paint on the road brings chaos and aggressive driving.

If we believe that traffic flows will be improved by 25% (I don’t do you?), that’s only at the junction itself.

The council must surely then attempt a measurement of all those who have been pointed in the opposite direction to their destination.

The unavoidable fact is that all 3 entrances to Fishburn Park are narrow and sometimes not wide enough for two vehicles to pass.

We all know this and know when and where to give way.

Restricting use at Waterstead will unavoidably displace local traffic to either right hand turns off Bagdale or, in the probable event that NYCC bureaucrats prevent those right turns on the grounds of ‘elf ‘ and safety, a round trip over new and old bridges.

Does the council really want more traffic on the old bridge? and let’s hope your vehicle isn’t over 7.5tonnes.

But , hey, I’m just ordinary bloke who lives here. What do I know compared to a NYCC jobsworth doubtless with the word “strategy” in his job title.

Geoff Atkinson by email