Reverse ridiculous wage payments

I would hope that the scandal of extortionate wages is not going to be dropped by the media.

There is a momentous opportunity to reverse the ridiculous wage payments, from the public purse, to council officials and to some extent, lower staff (ie £55,000 paid to dustbin men in Birmingham).

The situation with local authorities is directly analogous to what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt. The people in those countries are fed up with their leaders salting away billions (Mubharak £50 billion?) from the public purse. Some of our council leaders are taking home over £200,000 pounds a year from the public purse and the public of this country should call for the immediate resignation of such people. Imagine this: Over two hundred families in one council area are paying a council tax charge of £1000 (ball park figure), just to keep one person sat behind a desk; without the provision of any services whatsoever.

If that person has his/her two months leave per year, they’re not missed, the job still goes on. Think about it - 200 families just paying for one person’s wage. Council charges and other public charges and fees are supposed to pay for services, let’s concentrate on that fact; not for high wages. How many households in our area are paying charges just to keep our council heads in their seats? Local authorities and public servants have in the same way as in Tunisia and Egypt, acted in an immoral and feckless manner, as far as salaries as concerned.

If the Prime Minister, with the responsibilities of running the country and looking after our troops at war, can “manage” on £142,000 a year, how can a local authority clerk justify a similar amount and upwards?

Services are failing, lower paid staff are losing their jobs, roads are in a state of disrepair (how many highways engineers are on inflated salaries whilst the roads remain in a state?).

The recent announcement that over £300,000 is wasted by North Yorkshire in circulating a newsletter (does your goes straight in the re-cycling bin as mine does?). This amount could easily repair roads in our area. How many accidents (including another fatality) will occur before the Highways repair the stretch of road on the A169 between Ellerbeck Bridge and the brow of the hill before Fylingdales? How can “temporary road” signs be legally placed for two years?

The people should continue to speak as they have in the countries mentioned. The public brought down the Poll Tax, let them see sense restored to local charges and services. The media have a duty to continue to report the facts. The Gazette is our major voice in an area that is not often listened to. Please continue to pursue this issue robustly or things will not change and wages will continue to rise and services will continue to fall. Please play your part in reversing this malaise.

T Thrasher, Whitby by email