Retro-style houses not a bad thing

It saddens me to see any old building lost - we’ve lost so much where I live, more thanks to town “planners” than the Luftwaffe, that our city centre is just hideous and confused - but maybe if the Moorlands Hotel is replaced with retro-style houses in keeping with the area and with Whitby’s general historical beauty, it won’t be so bad?

Especially IF they are made affordable to locals.

I was bemused to read that some feared it would attract ‘drug users and single mothers’. As a single parent, not by choice - who would choose that - I can say my children are far more disciplined than the offspring of many two-parent families I’ve witnessed (when often there’s far more money than manners on show).

I’ve never been in trouble with the police and until recently worked full-time. I also have a habit of picking up litter when I see it left on my street, or on the beach at Whitby (often left by two parent families).

I’m considerate of others and polite, yet I’m considered to be on a par with ‘drug users’?

What skewed standards some use to judge others.

Julie Ann Mills, Stannington View Road, Sheffield