Response to potash mine letter

I would like to make additional points to my letter published in the Whitby Gazette of 5th January.

First of all, I was incorrect of me to say that the existing potash mine at Boulby is outside the North York Moors National Park.

It is of course inside the park boundary and if the Sneaton mine were to come to fruition it would mean that the park would contain two such mines, which many would argue is two too many in a protected landscape.

Secondly, I would like to ask some of the respondents who commented on my original letter published in the online version of the Whitby Gazette to supply me with a map showing the development boundary around the villages of Stainsacre and Hawsker.

As the North York Moors National Park Authority do not produce such a map I would particularly welcome this piece of information.

Thirdly, I request that one of the provider of comments on the online version provides examples of his statement that I contradicted myself at every turn. I wasn’t aware that I contradicted myself even once.

Fourthly, it is simply not possible within the confines of a letter to a newspaper to provide evidence for all of the statements made in my original letter. Such references rightly belong in academic papers. I would like to say though that the evidence is available and I can provide this if requested.

Finally, it seems strange to me that if York Potash state that they wish to supply the domestic market only then the product is being sent to a deep water port on Teesside. This only implies one thing - the anticipated market is really overseas.

Dr A J Houghton-Moss, Stonegate Road, Moor Allerton, Leeds