Response to parking problems

I reply to registered disabled driver Derek Agar’s detailed, erudite criticism (‘Staithes stay ruined’ 25 February) of Scarborough Borough Council’s parking policy in Staithes, following his receipt of a ticket following his decision to park in ‘a clearly marked parking space on the high street’ which ‘had no yellow lines,’ and in spite of the fact that he ‘displayed his Blue Badge.’

Well come on Derek, old boy - stop moaning. You really don’t expect overworked council officials to find the time to answer your onerous griping letters do you? What do you expect? As a disabled senior citizen and Blue Badge holder you must have noticed how many visibly able-bodied drivers flagrantly park in clearly- designated disabled bays - especially if there is little likelihood of their being fined or clamped. Cut them some slack mate - perhaps they can’t read English or have lives that are so pressing, that disabled bay restrictions should not, and do not, apply to them. What would you do in their place? Unless these people - including Scarborough BC committee members - are themselves disabled, how can they be expected to understand the needs of those who have difficulty walking even short distances?

Perhaps Derek, you should resign yourself to the fact that Staithes does not care whether you visit or not. The fact that no disabled parking provision is made either in the village or in the car park at the bank top must surely provide some clues? Perhaps lovely picturesque shabby, sometimes smelly, Staithes, with its mediocre catering establishments and polluted beach, needs the revenue that parking fines yield. They are paying someone’s wages. Where’s your sense of humour?

In Scarborough Borough Council’s defence I should like to add that, as a frequent visitor to Scarborough, I have discovered that it is usually possible for disabled drivers to park free of charge all over town, provided that a Blue Badge is clearly displayed.

Finally, If you are reading this letter Derek, I just want to say that, as a disabled, senior citizen, Blue Badge holder myself, I entirely share your sentiments. Whenever the sign for Staithes comes into view, I just smile - and drive past.

John Daniel, Dovecote Close, Marske by email