Response to beach debris problem

In response to ‘Appalled at beach debris’, suggesting Whitby uses a tractor sand rake to clean the beach ‘as they do in Spain’ - (also Scarborough where slobs dump toxic food wrappers etc, despite nearby bins).

It would be better to solve this without the pollution and expense of tractors, plus there’s been concerns about mechanical cleaning affecting the vital eco system of a beach?

Persuade local food outlets to use card instead of dreaded polystyrene/plastic - at least it will eventually rot - and also fine those who drop it in the first place, this would soon re-educate them.

If the council can afford life-guards to protect people from themselves, surely there can be litter wardens too?

I pick up and bin rubbish from the beach as I can’t ignore it; no, it’s not my litter, but as they said in the ‘60s, ‘if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem’.

Ms A Denby,

Grange Road, Sheffield