Response from a prospective employer’s viewpoint

Further to David Winter’s letter to the editor published on 14 October “Please acknowledge job applications”, I would like to respond from a prospective employer’s viewpoint.

First of all may I say how much I sympathise with David’s plight and indeed with everyone struggling to find employment in these difficult times.

We recently posted a vacancy with the Job Centre, who incidentally have an excellent online process enabling employers to get their vacancies published within hours, we received more than 30 replies and responded to every applicant but we did get mainly email applications which made the whole task a lot easier.

The big issue, from a prospective employer’s point of view, is sifting through so many applications and hopefully making the right decision as to who to shortlist and who, sadly, may not be quite what we are looking for.

Bearing this in mind, an applicant needs to ensure that all the information an employer may need to make this initial decision is available in his or her application.

This does not mean just a generic list of qualifications or job history but more importantly, a compelling statement as to why the applicant feels he or she is ideally suited to the position in question.

This can only be done by treating each job application individually and writing a comprehensive covering letter unique to that vacancy.

David tells us that he applies for something like 15 jobs a week. My advice would be to restrict this number and take the time to individually tailor each one, personalise it and consider every attribute that the position would require in order to be able to get over to the employer that he or she is indeed the person they are looking for.

Finally, may I just say that if David can make his applications as eloquent and well thought out as his letter to the Whitby Gazette he would really stand out among the myriad of other candidates.

David Reece, The Art Cafe, Flowergate, Whitby