Reply to RSPCA article

We are writing in response to the article published on May 31 about Yvonne Barber who claims that she was told she was unfit to re-home a stray kitten from the local RSPCA.

We were not asked for our comments or to verify the claims before the article was published.

We have no record that we did speak to Ms Barber but based on the information provided in the article if we have spoken to her the answer is likely to have been the same. Also, as a result of a very successful neutering scheme we have not had kittens this year at all and there are none to be re-homed in our area.

We represent the animals in our care and make sure that they are re-homed based on their needs and ensure that they go in to the right environment.

All of our cats are adopted into a domestic situation, whether that is as an inside cat or as one that prefers to go outside. We recommend that all cats are brought in at night so that they are safe. We do not condone domestic animals, used to living in a home environment, being locked in a barn at night regardless of who the owners are.

As a Branch of the RSPCA we follow the national guidelines and the law and will continue to use the policies which we feel best represent our animals’ interests.

Lesley Waters

Scarborough and District