Reinstatement of the rail service

Regarding the recent letter about the reinstatement of the rail service between Whitby to Malton and beyond via the NYMR.

The trackbed for about 100 yards south of Pickering Station is now a road and a supermarket car park.

The two level crossings that were in existence then caused numerous congestion problems.

Would the simple solution be to construct a platform at the south end of this road, near the old engine shed and equip it with a bus shelter which seem to have become the norm on Network Rail.

There would then be a 100 yard walk between Pickering NYMR Station and Pickering Network Rail Station. If changing trains in a large station, a 10 yard walk is commonplace.

I for one would use this service to reach the ECML as it would be preferable to the alternative ie via Middlesbrough and Darlington, or heavens forbid the bus!

Ray Stewart, Esk Valley, Grosmont by email