Regulations ignored

Hotel on site of former hotel wins building award – Whitby Gazette 20 July.

The most disturbing factor in the history of this development is this.

This area of the West Cliff was designated a ‘prime holiday zone’ under the Scarborough Borough Council Forward Plan for Whitby.

I went to the meeting of Whitby Town Council where the Forward Plan was discussed; representatives of Scarborough Borough Council Forward Planning Department were in attendance to answer questions.

I asked what was meant by ‘prime holiday zone’ I was told that in any such designated area, no hotel could be demolished or converted into residential accommodation but must remain a hotel.

A few weeks later, an application was made to Scarborough Borough Council, for permission to demolish the former Moorlands/Monks Haven Hotel, and to build houses on the site.

I then wrote to the Forward Planning Department of Scarborough Borough Council and asked them how this proposed demolition was possible in an area which was designated as a ‘prime holiday zone’.

I was told that this site was ‘only just within the designated zone’, so permission would be given for the development.

Why are we paying Scarborough Borough Council to employ staff in a Forward Planning Department when any plans they draw up can be completely ignored when they are found to be inconvenient to some property developer?

Richard Ineson

Church Street, Whitby